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Adrian Winkler, himself a lover of Bordeaux wines, has been tirelessly searching for the high-class of vineyards and wines since 2003. Passionate, competent and experienced, he senses true wine treasures and finds the rarest of bottles. He always scrupulously checks the source and condition of each bottle in order to guarantee an offer of consistently high quality. The worldwide customers can always rely on it: Winklerweine offers first-class wines at attractive prices.

Weinausstellung im Ladengeschäft von Winklerweine
Weine in Weinschublade neben Weinkisten

SINCE 2003

History of the company – briefly told

Head of the family business Winklerweine is Adrian Winkler, a fan of the mountains. At the age of 20, he developed a great passion for wines. Especially the wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy have captivated him until today. He developed his passion piece by piece. And out of the joy of the particularly fine wines, the former teacher bought rarities from private wine cellars in his free time and sold them on the Internet. His wines were in high demand and so, what started as a hobby, became a profession. In 2003, Adrian Winkler became self-employed as a wine merchant with his own auction platform. His faithful companion and wife Barbara took care of the shipping. The business developed so well that his longtime friend Richard Bieri joined the team shortly after and stayed until retirement. Today Winklerweine is a popular address when it comes to the sale or purchase of premium wines and wine rarities.


Our team
Adrian Winkler erklärt Weinrarität


The founder

«I am lucky that my passion has become my profession. When I founded Weinklerweine in 2003, things were a little quieter for the first two years. But from 2005 the business developed very positively. 2005 is also a very popular vintage for wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy. Wines from particularly good vintages only develop their strong aromas over time. The older they get, the better they are. And so it was with business. I still take that as a good omen."


founder & Managing Director
Signature Adrian Winkler
Barbara Winkler im Ladenlokal von Winklerweine neben Weinkisten stehend


The woman for shipping

«I take a lot of time to pack the wines carefully and safely. After all, most of them have already had an impressively long time to become what they are. It is essential for us that our wines reach our customers safe and sound. And many of our wines make their way to distant countries.”

Richard Bieri


Our man, who picks up the cellar treasures.

"" Richi, could you step in for a moment? "My friend Adrian asks me whenever the appointments roll over again. Even after my retirement a year ago, my heart is still attached to Winkler wines. Personal contact with customers and being there quickly is essential for Winkler wines. I am pleased that I can make an important contribution here from time to time. That is why I wish my friend Adrian and his team that things continue to go so well and that I can step in often ... »

Sabine Szabó


The woman for Customer Service and Marketing

«As is well known, good news gets around. But sometimes we like to help a little. Over a good glass of wine, we've already come up with some great ideas. I think the best prerequisite for successful advertising and excellent customer service is the enthusiasm that comes from loving what you do. And when our customers feel that, this is the best confirmation for us. "

Thomas Winkler


The man who solves problems

«" Hoi Adi, your systems need an update again ", my brother Thomas calls me. He is the former head of digital for Switzerland tourism and always pays attention to well thought-out concepts. He helps me this – especially in the technical area – can also be implemented in my wine business. I appreciate him not only as a brother, but also as a good advisor. "

Sabine Michel


The woman for the correct numbers

«I do the bookkeeping for the company. Since I also like to enjoy a fine drop of wine, I particularly enjoy this work. What I also appreciate is the small, always good-humored team.

Since the beginning of the company I know Barbara & Adrian personally, there were already some nice epicurean encounters. & Adrian personally, there have already been some wonderful epicurean encounters. "

Matthias Buck @ SKOUZ


The man for the website

“We at SKOUZ are responsible for ensuring that the system works. The online marketing and the auction platform were programmed by us. We are passionately committed to paying attention to detail. If Adrian needs us, we will do it within a very short time. "

We are a true family business. Trust, appreciation and of course the great passion for fine wines connects us deeply. We love what we do. And that is what our customers from all over the world feel and appreciate.


Winkler wines involved

"Una Terra – Una Familia " was founded in 1995 in the canton of Thurgau. Its work focuses on supporting and financing humanitarian projects in the Philippines, Latin America and Africa.
The projects focus mainly on measures in the areas of education and health. The declared aim of “Una Terra- Una Familia” is to help people in need – especially children and families – to help themselves and thereby pave the way for them into a social environment that can be the basis for a secure existence.

More about UTUF
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News from the press

Rare wines by connoisseurs for connoisseurs

  "Life is too short to drink bad wine." What already recognized Goethe, is the idea behind Winkler wines. Specifically, the company buys sought rare wines and wines from private and sometimes commercial wine cellars in Switzerland.

From the business world

Tip for top wines and rarities: Adrian Winkler's shop who appreciate the finest wines, finds its target in Muri (AG): Tucked away in the main street is the small “Winkler wines” – among connoisseurs a secret.