Latour, 1996, 75 cl

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Start drinking maturity (2018 - 2050)

Valuation 20/20

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Drinking maturity start (2018 - 2050)
Valuation 20/20
Quite dark wine red, rich centre. Intense bouquet, prunes, sandalwood, roasted tones and black bread crust. Appealing and very communicative. A modern style on the palate, with a dense, round and flattering tannins. I kept it on the palate for quite a long time to see if the tannins would take hold even more, but fortunately they remain consistent. Not an unapproachable giant Latour. (20/20). 17: Magnum. Rich, very dark wine red, purple in the centre, almost impenetrable. Fleshy bouquet, dark leather, black bread crust, cassis, blackberries, wild Cabernet notes, very spicy, concentrated, only slowly releasing its flavours. Fleshy palate, lots of flavours of walnut shells and smoke. Somehow still reductive, still needs a lot of air. Although it shows its greatness, it somehow has no desire to be tasted today. Drying astringency. Much too young. Do not touch! In terms of potential, however, the case is clear: 20/20 wait! 17: A magnum of Stalders with fondue chinoise. (Because none is planned for the festive season, we've brought it forward by a month. Just after opening. Baroque, deep, black pepper, dark precious woods, with smoky Cabernet contours. Powerful on the palate, still too young and yet not unapproachable. Gigantic class!

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