1. General

It is our goal to serve you to your full satisfaction. Therefore, these terms and conditions are based on a fair customer relationship. When submitting an order, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

2. scope

The entire range of www.winklerwines.ch is aimed at a clientele in the world.
Shipping costs (B-mail) are automatically displayed during an online order.

3. Privacy

We trade in wines and products for wine lovers and not with your personal data. Therefore, only those data are collected that are necessary to process the order and facilitate the handling of the online shop for returning customers. Personal customer data is kept confidential in accordance with data protection legislation and passed on to third parties, nor used or sold to third-party advertising.

4. No sales to minors.

www.winklerwines.ch not sell wines, spirits or cigars to minors under 18 years. By placing an order on www.winklerwines.ch you acknowledge that you are an adult.

5. prices

All prices are per item in Swiss Francs (incl. VAT) plus postage.

Postage within Switzerland: 1 bottle: 7.00 CHF / 2-6 bottles: 9.70 CHF / 12 bottles: 20.50 / 24 bottles: 50.00 CHF

6. Payment and Delivery:

In www.winklerwines.ch consists advance, payable within 10 days net. Delivery is by payment to the invoice recipient or to a selected delivery address. The wine is not paid within 10 days, the seller without the buyer can contact to give the product back on sale free.

7. Availability

Our range is subject to constant change, we do not guarantee continuous availability of supply in www.winklerwines.ch. If a particular wine is not available, we will get in touch with you.

8. conversion / redemption

Your order on www.winklerwines.ch is binding. Basically ordered wines can not be exchanged or returned. Exception of deliveries which suffer during transport of glass breakage and misdelivery. We ask you to check the delivery upon receipt for accuracy and integrity and to forward any complaints to us immediately. 5 days after receipt of delivery, this shall be deemed approved. Wines with "Zapf taste", leaking or deterioration will not be reimbursed.

9. content of linked pages

All web pages that are linked to www.winklerwines.ch were checked before linking to content and form. Although we the sites with regularly, we can not exclude that content is published, which are not directly related to our range. In this case, we would be grateful to send a message to the webmaster. We distance ourselves from all abusive content and assume no responsibility for the appropriateness and content of linked pages.

10. Jurisdiction

Our business is based exclusively on Swiss law. Jurisdiction is Muri AG.

Stand 03.20.14, www.winklerwines.ch. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

Auctions routine:

Buy the first time Auctions:

– Important: …then you have to register once here.

– If you want to buy in the shop in addition bottles, this is also possible. This is also useful if you, for example, have won 10 bottles, then you can buy at no additional charge for delivery two bottles in the shop.

Auction Procedure:

– There is only auctions.

– No Buy Now.

– Auctions end every 30 seconds on Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m.

– The system now offers so much that you are the high bidder, but at most up to your maximum bid.

– If you “gamble” want, you must bid at the very end (approximately 2 minutes remaining) & hope you so win the auction.

– If at swisscom or some other Internet problem between 12:00 – 20:30 occur, these auctions are void & be switched again later.

– I give no guarantee that the bid 30 seconds before closing still works. It could malfunction if, for example, the server is overloaded.

– If you make a bid, you must then wait until you can click to the other wine offers again!

– I recommend if you wine one “absolutely” want to buy, make a few minutes in advance a bid; so you are then not be disappointed if another bidder you still exceeds them.

You have won, you have to do now:

– You will receive an e-mail.

– . Now, within 10 days after the auction procedure the total amount including postage paid to the account: UBS, 5610 Wohlen, IBAN: CH88 0025 8258 1009 7501 R / UBSWCHZH80A

– transfer the total amount via credit card or within 10 days after the auction process.

– pay or within 10 days after the auction procedure the total amount excl. postage and then the wine by appointment in Muri (AG) to pick up.

– Or within 10 days after the auction procedure wine by appointment in Muri (AG) to pick up cash.

– If the total amount (incl. Postage) should not be very clear, contact me by e-mail…

– Thank you! Adrian Winkler