Winkler wines and Jordi

Actually, he once wanted to be a footballer and was seen as a great hope for youngsters. Jordi, who was born in 1961, only discovered his real passion at the age of 30: painting and photography. Within a few years he made an international name for himself as an artist and exhibitions in Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​New York, Zurich and Vienna followed. In September, Jordi opens his first gallery, ARTemSPAtium, in his home town of Walchwil, east of Lake Zug, thereby fulfilling a big dream. Jordi's pictures sparkle with energy and joie de vivre. His wine pictures hang in restaurants and wine bars all over the world. Since 2016, two of his works can also be found in Anton Mosimann's world-famous, exclusive club in London. For Jordi one of the very special highlights of his career.


Even our passion belongs to the special and we are proud to be able to offer you a few selected works of Jordi's wine pictures exclusively for purchase.

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