Steakmesser MRK-2 Olive Wood

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MRK-3 offers a sophisticated practicality with timeless elegance.

Its attractive lines move between tradition and innovation.

MRK-3 Folding Steak Knives combine next-generation steel, such as the 440 stainless Nitro-B cryogenic, with precious woods, resulting in much more than just a sharp blade!

MRK-3, always next to you!

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SKU: Steakmesser MRK-2 Olive Wood


Griff aus natürlich gealtertem Olivenholz aus der Toskana.

From the capturing design and functionality of the MRK-2 Steak Knife, the Rainer’s creative forge has launched the MRK-3, the first Folding Steak Knife!

A new generation of knife born to respond to a new way of living.

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