Tignanello, 1994, 3 L

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CellarTracker: 91/100

When to drink: 2009 to 2025

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SKU: oben-(OHK-vorhanden)-Tignanello, 1994, 3 L


CellarTracker: 91/100

When to drink: 2009 to 2023

Now we’re really talking: this is a splendid version from what is not considered to be a top vintage. The colour has only slight garnet nuances, and is still jaunty and intact from a chromatic point of view. The nose is stylistically irreprehensible: there are no concessions to vegetal tones in spite of the declared addition of Cabernet. The bouquet is extremely clean and very much influenced by the Sangiovese: earthy, with rich underbrush notes, varied ripe fruit hints and floral nuances that are reminiscent of the archetypal violets. It is really silky and satisfying on the palate, with an aristocratic aftertaste of liquorice. It still hasn’t yet reached its peak, but it’s already extremely enjoyable.

Indicative blend: 85% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc.

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